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When it comes to online trading, we strive to meet the needs of our traders with strong commitment for providing innovative trading technology, fast execution and exceptional customer service.

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Fast, flexible access to a vast amount of financial instruments including Forex, Indices, Stocks, Commodities and Cryptocurrencies.

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True markets ECN environment with four types of trade execution combined with NDD (No Dealing Desk) technology.

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We provide maximum security and transparency by always keeping client funds in segregated trustworthy bank accounts.

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Market competitive spreads with prices quoted from multiple top tier banks and liquidity providers.

More exchange markets, more trading power

MetaTrader 4 (MT4) is the trading platform used by the majority of the CFD traders, preferred by investors from around the world for trading Forex, Metals, Commodity and Stock CFD instruments.

Due to its unique and progressive multi-asset technology, MT4 provides direct access to a variety of markets, advanced charting and superior trading tools for technical and fundamental analysis.

BKFX Account Types

Cent Account
Tailor Made
Available Base Currencies USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR USD, EUR
Minimum Deposit USD 0 / EUR 0 USD 5 / EUR 5 USD 25 / EUR 25 USD 10,000 / EUR 10,000
Spread as low as (in Pips) 1.8 1.5 1 From 0
Max Leverage 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000 1:1000
1 US Dollar or 1 EURO displayed as 100 1 1 1
Symbols 50+ 100+ 100+ 100+
Contract Size Divided by 100 Standard Standard Standard
Minimum Lots 0.01 0.01 0.01 0.01
All Strategies Allowed No Yes Yes Yes
Swap-free Islamic Account Option Yes Yes Yes Yes
Personalized Customer Support No Yes Yes Yes
Basic educational material Yes Yes Yes Yes
BKFX Academy access No No Yes Yes
0% Fees on Deposits & Withdrawals No Yes Yes Yes
Raw Spreads No No No Yes
Requests made personal No No No Yes
Margin Call / Stop out 50% / 20% 50% / 20% 50% / 20% Custom
Hedged margin Yes Yes Yes Yes
Maximum number of positions Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
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InstrumentPip Value per lotStandard lot sizeTypical Spread (in Pts)SWAP long (in Pts)SWAP short (in Pts)
AUDCAD.bk10 CAD100,000 AUD18-1.2-1.2
AUDCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 AUD200.83-3.6
AUDJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 AUD18-1.2-2.4
AUDNZD.bk10 NZD100,000 AUD20-1.2-1.2
AUDUSD.bk10 USD100,000 AUD17-1.2-2.4
CADCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 CAD200.83-3.6
CHFJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 CHF19-3.61.67
CADJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 CAD23-0.6-2.4
EURAUD.bk10 AUD100,000 EUR20-4.8-0.6
EURCAD.bk10 CAD100,000 EUR20-4.81.67
EURCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 EUR18-1.2-2.4
EURGBP.bk10 GBP100,000 EUR18-3.6-0.6
EURJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 EUR17-3.6-0.6
EURNZD.bk10 NZD100,000 EUR24-61.67
EURUSD.bk10 USD100,000 EUR15-3.6-0.6
GBPAUD.bk10 AUD100,000 GBP25-1.2-1.2
GBPCAD.bk10 CAD100,000 GBP20-2.4-1.2
GBPCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 GBP221.67-6
GBPJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 GBP22-0.6-3.6
GBPUSD.bk10 USD100,000 GBP17-1.2-1.2
NZDCAD.bk10 CAD100,000 NZD21-1.2-1.2
NZDCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 NZD28-0.6-3.6
NZDJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 NZD19-0.6-2.4
NZDUSD.bk10 USD100,000 NZD18-1.2-1.2
USDCAD.bk10 CAD100,000 USD17-1.2-1.2
USDCHF.bk10 CHF100,000 USD150.83-4.8
USDHKD.bk10 HKD100,000 USD185-13-15
USDJPY.bk1,000 JPY100,000 USD16-0.6-2.4
USDPLN.bk10 PLN100,000 USD350-11-13
GBPNZD.bk10 NZD100,000 GBP35-1.2-1.2
EURPLN.bk10 PLN100,000 EUR380-12-14
EURTRY.bk10 TRY100,000 EUR1,098-321128
USDMXN.bk10 MXN100,000 USD320-429.6133.33
EURZAR.bk10 ZAR100,000 EUR 1,450-432.6645234.6595
USDSEK.bk10 SEK100,000 USD48012.383-77.602
EURSEK.bk10 SEK100,000 EUR420-28.6205-36.938
USDNOK.bk10 NOK100,000 USD600-14.385-37.1105
EURNOK.bk10 NOK100,000 EUR600-64.4924.947
USDTRY.bk10 TRY100,000 USD858-24595
USDZAR.bk10 ZAR100,000 USD1,000-294127.5
InstrumentPip Value per lotStandard lot sizeTypical Spread (in Pts)SWAP long (in Pts)SWAP short (in Pts)
BTCUSD.bk1 Cent15,200-15-15
BTCEUR.bk1 Cent14,700-15-15
DASHUSD.bk1 Cent1350-15-15
ETHUSD.bk1 Cent1240-15-15
EOSUSD.bk1 USD100150-15-15
IOTAUSD.bk1 USD100190-15-15
LTCUSD.bk1 Cent150-15-15
XMRUSD.bk1 Cent1170-15-15
XRPUSD.bk1 USD10026-15-15
ZECUSD.bk1 Cent1100-15-15
TRXUSD.bk10 USD1,00060-15-15
InstrumentPip Value per lotStandard lot sizeTypical Spread (in Pts)SWAP long (in Pts)SWAP short (in Pts)
ALIBABA.bk1 USD100 Shares17-3-15
AMAZON.bk1 USD100 Shares462-3-15
APPLE.bk1 USD100 Shares27-3-15
AT&T.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
BNK-AMER.bk1 USD100 Shares14-3-15
BOEING.bk1 USD100 Shares40-3-15
CHEVRON.bk1 USD100 Shares17-3-15
CISCO.bk1 USD100 Shares19-3-15
CITI.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
COCACOLA.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
EBAY.bk1 USD100 Shares17-3-15
EXXON.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
FACEBOOK.bk1 USD100 Shares22-3-15
FORD.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
GE.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
GOOG.bk1 USD100 Shares550-3-15
GM.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
GOLDMANS.bk1 USD100 Shares41-3-15
IBM.bk1 USD100 Shares19-3-15
INTEL.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
JOHNSON.bk1 USD100 Shares22-3-15
JPMORGAN.bk1 USD100 Shares22-3-15
McD.bk1 USD100 Shares40-3-15
MICROSFT.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
NETFLIX.bk1 USD100 Shares135-3-15
P&G.bk1 USD100 Shares20-3-15
PFIZER.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
TESLA.bk1 USD100 Shares160-3-15
TWITTER.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
VISA.bk1 USD100 Shares27-3-15
HP.bk1 USD100 Shares16-3-15
MSTRCARD.bk1 USD100 Shares33-3-15
ORACLE.bk1 USD100 Shares17-3-15
QUALCOMM.bk1 USD100 Shares32-3-15
TEVA.bk1 USD100 Shares15-3-15
TOTAL.bk1 EUR100 Shares15-3-15
SIEMENS.bk1 EUR100 Shares23-3-15
ADIDAS.bk1 EUR100 Shares40-3-15
BAYER.bk1 EUR100 Shares17-3-15
InstrumentPip Value per lotStandard lot sizeTypical Spread (in Pts)SWAP long (in Pts)SWAP short (in Pts)
XAUUSD.bk1 USD100 Oz28-2.4-0.6
XAGUSD.bk5 USD5,000 Oz31-1.2-1.2
XPTUSD.bk1 USD100 Troy Oz300-0.6-3.6
UKOIL.bk1 USD1,000 Barrels60-5.1-3.86
USOIL.bk1 USD1,000 Barrels56-3.78-3.14
InstrumentPip Value per lotStandard lot sizeTypical Spread (in Pts)SWAP long (in Pts)SWAP short (in Pts)
US30.bk1 USD100450-200.172-161.2695
US100.bk1 USD100350-86.31-69.531
US500.bk1 USD100220-23.171452380952-21.590047619048
UK100.bk1 GBP100300-39.2175-37.8525
DE30.bk1 EUR100120-59.094-102.8055
NKY225.bk1 JPY100170-158.6235-170.3625
HK50.bk1 HKD100120-70.8855-31.29
Note: The above conditions reflect the BKFX Standard Account Type

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