Forex Education

Bkfx is a global well-trusted broker providing you with a variety of instruments to trade with starting from Forex, moving to shares, commodities and indices, we provide you with all the instruments to trade in these complex markets.

Resources & Tutorials

A variation of videos, educational articles, seminars and more to help all junior traders enrich their knowledge on the industry and tools to help them kick off their trading journey. These sources can also be used by experienced traders to refresh their memory!

Educational Articles

Read up on popular trading topics through these educational articles with extensive coverage for first time traders.

Educational Videos

Some individuals are more visual and would prefer to learn through videos. Access 20+ educational videos here.

Trading Seminars

Attend various seminars to gain insights from knowledgeable industry experts with 10+ years of experience in the field.

Trading Strategies

Find the trading strategy that works for you based on what you are looking to gain from your journey.

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Start enriching your trading knowledge today

Bkfx offers these free educational resources to help you master forex trading. From basic concepts or currency exchange to more complex technical analysis tools these materials will educate you to a level where you can start trading with more confidence. Courses include:

  • Different trading strategies
  • Risk management analysis & tools
  • Fundamentals of forex trading

What type of trader are you?

Regardless of your experience as a trader, in the fast-paced world we now live in, it is always good to stay up to date with the market trends and tools.

Just starting out? Take advantage of free resources to gain access to a variety of markets such as foreign exchange, commodities and shares and learn how they operate.

Discover what your trading style and strategy is and get your mindset in the right place to ensure maximum profit.

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