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Expert Advisor


On the trading platform, Expert Advisors (EAs) are capable to perform anything for you. They can provide you with particular signals to execute your trading and orders.

Choose the EA that suits you and trade with the best advisors.

Expert Advisors (EAs) are programmes, which when implemented into the trading platform enable you to perform automated trading. Each EA is unique and can be setup according to the needs of the trader.

As specialized softwares, EAs examine and execute trades on the trading platform. This software gives clues to traders for opportunities and guides them to the right trading. At the option of the trader, EA can manage the trading and decide the position on the trading platform.

Benefits from the use of an
Expert Advisor (EA)

Decision Maker

EA will prevent delays from happening and will enable better decision-making.

Market Research

By taking the market research, exporting statistics for the appropriate transactions and the analysis of factors, the EA proceeds to the essential actions in a very quick manner.

24/7 Active Trading

A Forex EA can stay active on the market and be on the lookout for opportunities all day.

New Strategies

An EA examines and tests new strategies by taking advantage of market conditions and making faster and more appropriate decisions. An EA can achieve this by storing a huge amount of data and creating new strategies.

Take Necessary Actions

Trading with EA removes the need of the investor to have experience in trading as he makes the necessary advice and actions to be taken.

How to Install and Trade with a Forex EA

Register and Verify

You can register through our website and upload your ID documents to verify your account. Then open your trading account for your investments.

Download The EA

Subscribe using the link above or below and get the EA that is ideal for you.

Install The EA

Follow the installation process of the EA on the trading platform and start trading.

Trade with an EA

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